Quality Control

1、Appearance inspection

2、Waterproof test

Simulating a rainy surrounding by test machine, test the function of the device till well

3、Causticity test

Simulating a causticity condition by test machine, test the device function well

4、Temperature test

Simulating high/low temperature condition to the device, assure function well

5、Pixel test

Adjust the device focal length, make sure it can see clear video of the pixel test picture

6、Drop test

2.5 meters drop test, device should be good on function and appearance

7、Burn-in test

Start loops photographing on battery-full condition till power off, then recharge to test the device functions well. Mark longest continuous working time

8、Functions test

Test to make sure all functions of the device is good, including video, audio, photoshoot, GPS, WiFi, etc.