4G HD Body Camera Management Platform Solution
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With the increase of contradictions in social transformation, public safety management pressure is soaring.
1.1 Description of current status
With the increase of contradictions in social transformation, public safety management pressure is soaring. Public security organ is facing more and more challenges in the law enforcement in the past few years. On one hand, police force law enforcement, sealing law enforcement once exposed, public opinion would question and criticize police power being abuse; on the other hand, when public safety is in trouble and public order in chaos, public opinion will accuse the police of dereliction of duty. This seemingly dilemma makes public security law enforcement face double challenge of authority and effectiveness. So far, body camera can effectively promote police law enforcement normative, fair and civilized. It can also protect officer’s legitimate rights, becoming a "weapon" for frontline law enforcement. Most of the existing body camera although can record audio and video proof, but they don’t have record real time transmission, GPS/BDS function. This leads to no synergy between mobile body camera and remote control platform, no remote control function makes it not so valuable.

1.2 Construction target
Set up 4G HD body camera integrated management platform and realize the global positioning and 4G wireless proof record transmission for law enforcement. On live recording video and audio proof and upload to the data server, achieve functions like recording, cataloging, retrieval, managing, assessing and others. Detail targets as follow:
a) Real-time positioning: Realize wireless real-time positioning for law enforcement officer.
b) Real-time proof record transmission: Video transmission and audio talkback between law enforcement and control center.
c) Timeliness: Improve the timeliness of law enforcement by network video surveillance. On one hand, real-time network surveillance makes complementary action to the inspection of the organization; on the other hand, monitoring the locale by screen in the control center and commanding locale officer by wireless calling, superior leader could take actions in time when accidents happen.
d) Safety: Ensuring the safety of law enforcement officer by electronic equipment monitoring.

2 Overall layout
2.1 System topology diagram

2.2 Overview of system composition
This system platform solution is mainly composed of 4G individual body camera(standard function, 4G transmission function, orientation function, etc.), docking station, streaming media management server (mainly realizes the real-time wireless transmission of video) and body camera management system. Complete law enforcement scene record, automatic data collection and uploading, data comprehensive inquiry and management. The docking station and management system sever use intranet of the using organization (like police station) to connect ends. All ends can login the system but different level ends have different permissions. Body camera comprehensive management platform can realize law enforcement data automatic copy and upload, save a lot of manpower and time. It can also realize cross-regional cross-grade law enforcement data inquiry, invoke and statistics, effectively know what are first-line law enforcement officers doing, and give play to the value of law enforcement data. Turning body camera using from onefold mode to webified, systematize, and intelligent could let law enforcement data play its maximum use. Then officers could finish law enforcement supervision easily.

4G body camera could compress its video/audio record through H.264 code, storage the data and transmission the record to the supervision center by 4G network. The management server could classify, save, and transmission the video&audio data. Besides, management server end could let people browse the video, monitor the talkback, and map positioning.

3. System function
3.1   Real-time wireless record transmission
Transmit the spot image by 4G network to the control center in real-time. Control center could monitor the front end and switch different front ends by supervision software. Commanders are like command in the front end and make everything under control with using this system, since they have better perception of the accidents by having video, audio talkback from the front end.

3.2 Real-time global positioning
GPS is built-in the 4G body camera, makes it could show its real-time position in the map of the management platform. Since it transmit its position by wireless network, so historical moving line can be tracked base on the device number.

3.3 Talkback between back end and front end
The monitoring center can make audio call to the body camera in the front end, so as to unify the command and dispatch.

3.4 Multi-screen monitoring
Client end monitoring software can simultaneously monitor the multi-channel front-end body camera image function. 4, 6, 9, and 16 separated screens could be chose to set.

3.5 Multilevel management authority
The system has multilevel management authority that different levels of users have different permissions. Users could check the record base on their authority level.  

3.6 Local law enforcement replay
4G body camera has the function of normal body camera as basic but better and more functions. It can replay what happen during law enforcement, to figure out where the arguments happen and avoid it to be civilized in future job.

3.7 Resource uniform configuration and management
The system adopts the centralized management mode according to the characteristics of the user management mode. Centralized management server could manage and control the front end device centrally. So as to solve the sort of authority problems, and realize resource centralize management.

3.8 All law enforcement data can mark important level at "low, medium and high".
1. Every police station deploys a 1TB capacity docking station, and each docking station could support 16-20 body cameras to work.
2. The municipal bureau deploy large capacity data storage server

4 After-sales service
Whole project is held base on users’ requirement, including pre-design, equipment purchasing, transportation, installation, quality/function test, so as to guarantee the project runs well. Good service root in good technology, experienced engineer and spare parts storing. Bestar offers good after-sales service, including long warranty, lifetime technique guidance, and training.