Digital Picture Wireless Transfer Solution for Fire-fighting
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Fire fighter armed wireless digital picture transmission device or fire demand car are the device could transmit scene of fire to the command center.
1.  Preface
Fire fighter armed wireless digital picture transmission device or fire demand car are the device could transmit scene of fire to the command center. So as to let the command center could know how the fire run and arrange fire fighters to take measures to stop fire and save lost. Besides, the digital device could also help record the fire accidents, so fire fighters could learn from the record and improve the fire-stopping skill.

2.  Introduction
Fire disaster threatens people’s income and personal safety, results in big lost every year. Calling fire fighters is a way to decrease lost and stop fire, time is money and time is life in this situation. Earlier find the problem and solve it, less lost happen, so calling fire fighters is always in hurry. To fire fighters, they hope to report the spot images so as to have more guidance from the control center. To commanders in the control center, they hope they can know what happen in the spot and analyze the things as soon as possible, the best is like they are in the spot. Record of
process of fire stopping can choose to show to the public, in order to make government officers a better image in the public. In order to meet the demand of front end on-board picture transmission, CDMA/EDGE video server is widely used. CDMA/EDGE video server could transmit 1-4 path coherent video by using CDMA/EDGE Internet-surfing card. In this situation, workers on duty in the control center could watch the real-time video by Internet. Other related people could also watch the video and command disaster saving by phone Internet.

3. Principle picture of image monitoring

4. Car monitor end

Function of car local video check and control. There are car screen and monitor keyboard could let officers in car can change visual angle of the car camera. Officers in car could make video record and proof picture snapshot, transmit the video and picture to the control center by wireless video server. Control center officers could watch the record and storage it.

5.  Individual type monitor end
Camera is set on the helmet of the fire fighters, and fire fighters take the wireless video server on arm or waist. So that control center could know real-time fire situation when fire fighters walk in the fire spot. 

6.  Control center
Commanders could watch real-time front end video by PC connecting; or they can watch the video on the television wall of control center after decoding; besides, they can also watch it by mobile phone even if they are out of control center. Commanders could make remote control to the local camera, in order to watch different vision angle. The video could be storage, replayed, searched, and downloaded. 

7. Technical features of the system
1. Command car and control center could watch real-time video of the disaster spot by local car wireless video record device and individual wireless video record device. So as to remote control disaster saving.
2. Car device and individual device can be in the same wireless video monitoring server.
3. Individual device could be armed on arm and waist, easy carry.
4. Support mobile phone checking, so that commanders could control the emergency even they are out of control center.