When the CKSIN 2019 CPSE is going on, the first day of the show is wonderful!
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When the CKSIN 2019CPSE is going on, the fascination continues. CKSIN is waiting for you at 8B81 in Hall 8!
On October 28th, the 17th China International Social Public Safety Expo officially kicked off at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition lasted for 4 days! What exciting aspects will CKSIN present in this globally influential security technology product event? Now take you to booth 8B81 in Hall 8, and find out!

The CKSIN carries the "hardware technology (law enforcement instrument / 4G smart helmet / wireless smart product), software technology (Open platform for MCS8 AIOT + audio and video developers / MCS8 multimedia fusion platform / MCS8_DEV mobile dispatching APP) and application solutions, CKSIN's product technology and industry domain solutions in multiple application scenarios such as public safety, smart city, smart oil field, and dispatching command..